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Why geofencing is a crucial part of fleet management

Modern fleet management offers many features that give you much better control of your fleet. One of these modern technological wonders is geofencing, which allows you
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How fleet management is helping the vehicle financing industry

With fleet management and telematics solutions rapidly evolving in terms of its effectiveness and use within the automotive industry, both vehicle financers and those using vehicle
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Tracking devices put you in control of your safety

Amongst the many advantages of vehicle tracking devices, the one that stands out most is that of peace of mind knowing that should something happen to
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Tanzania on the road to greatness

With the second largest economy in Africa and a strong commitment to improving its investment climate, Tanzania is well set to become a powerhouse in Africa.
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The history of ridesharing

Ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft have truly revolutionised passenger services around the globe, giving citizens a level of convenience and empowerment not experienced previously
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Safety tips for the festive season

After another gruelling year, the festive season is finally upon us and we are all turning our heads towards a much-needed holiday or end-of-year rest. Whether
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Protect your car and get peace of mind

When owners of private vehicles don’t install Cartrack vehicle tracking system, the risk of their vehicle being stolen, damaged and never found is significantly high in
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Grow your Business with Fleet Monitor

Fleet operations in Tanzania are faced with a major of challenges especially when you take the following into account: • How many round trips have my
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Track, monitor and protect rented & hired vehicles

The tourism sector in Tanzania has experienced exponential growth resulting in an influx in car rental and car hire business. As such, Tourism companies have seen
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Bike Track

Unfortunately, motorbike theft is a definite possibility and reality. It is therefore essential that motorbike drivers employ a quality tracking system that will provide monitoring; Cartrack
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