Have you ever considered all the positive benefits your business will gain if your drivers employ good driving practices?  Good driving prevents unnecessary fines, saves petrol use, results in fewer accidents and reduces maintenance costs.

In the end, you’ll be amazed at how much good driving behaviour can add positively to your company’s bottom line.

That’s why it’s essential to have mechanisms in place to monitor driver behaviour which will improve efficiencies and ultimately result in reduced costs and a more seamless business operation.   And with modern telematics and driver monitoring systems, it has never been easier to improve driver behaviour. Here’s how it works:

Telematics is the collection of info from vehicles, including GPS coordinates, sensors and engine diagnostics. This information is sent to a centralised server, where it is analysed and managed via the use of fleet management software and unpacked to show behaviours such as speeding, excessive idling, harsh braking etc. With this sophisticated information readily available, a fleet manager can then take the necessary steps to curb poor driving behaviour, while empowering all drivers to feel safer on the road.

So, if you own a company with a large fleet of vehicles, you can’t afford to not use telematics to monitor driver behaviour. There are several benefits in this regard:

You can identify potential vehicle problems before they start, which will not only save time but repair expenses as well

  • Drivers are more likely to drive more safely if they know they are being monitored, which improves adherence to road rules and reduces the likelihood of accidents and ultimately saves costs
  • Information can be captured on how vehicles are being used, such as an employee making an unauthorised trip or driving in an area that they are not permitted to enter
  • Your vehicles have better security and efficiency as you can collect relevant information about the vehicle, such as how long the doors stay open and the temperature of trailers, which makes it easier to investigate problems
  • Through careful monitoring, you can identify fuel waste or theft and implement measures to conserve fuel use.


Let Cartrack help you monitor your drivers’ behaviour

 Cartrack is an expert in providing tailored fleet management solutions, thanks to years of experience and superior technology and service at our disposal.  We can offer your business the fleet management tools it requires to carefully monitor driver behaviour and implement solutions to improve driving practices.  Contact us for your peace of mind

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