GPS Tracking System for Cars: What are the Hidden Benefits

GPS Tracking System for Cars: What are the Hidden Benefits?

From mobile phones to smart watches, digital cameras, and real-time navigation, GPS technology has amazing new levels. Many of our everyday activities rely heavily on GPS technology. Think about it…when last did you call someone to ask for directions? I bet you only ask for a pinned location on WhatsApp. 

The power of GPS isn’t only essential for finding ways to your destination, paired with a good fleet management system, it will also save your fleet a fortune. Let’s see how. 

In this article, you will:

  • Understand how a GPS works
  • Learn about the benefits of GPS for your fleet
  • Discover the hidden benefits of GPS
  • See the importance of a GPS tracking device for your vehicle
  • Find out how Cartrack uses GPS technology to boost fleet productivity

What is GPS and how does it relate to GNSS?

The Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) are a global network of satellites that transmit radio signals. There are several known constellations providing these services, like GLONASS (operated by the Russian Federation), Galileo (operated by the European Union), and BeiDou (operated by China) 

The GNSS satellite navigation system we’re most familiar with is called the Global Positioning System or GPS and is developed and operated by the United States. 

GPS is a constellation of 31 satellites orbiting the Earth. Each satellite emits signals that enable receivers through a combination of signals from at least four satellites, to determine time and location.

The 3 major segments of satellites

Let’s break down the three main segments of satellites to better understand how this technology works and is able to help us achieve real-time location tracking.

  • The space segment: This segment includes all the satellites in the GPS constellation. They transmit signals to users based on geographical position and time of day and are spaced in such a way that four satellites are above the horizon from any point on Earth. Three satellites are needed by the receiver to determine the position, the fourth is to enhance the measurement and provide the ability to calculate the vertical height of a point above sea level.
  • A control segment: Also known as ground control, this segment is made up of monitoring stations that detect any errors that might occur due to disturbances from radiation, electrical issues, or wear and tear. From time to time, satellites need instructions to fix these errors.
  • A user segment: These are the GPS receivers and transmitters that we use in our daily lives, such as smartphones, cars, cameras, and planes.

This is how GPS tracking works on a car

Satellites, signals, and a GPS tracking device are the three components of the global tracking system commonly used today. 

A GPS tracker uses a process called trilateration to determine latitude, longitude, elevation, and time. Trilateration is simply the measuring of distance. Three satellites are used to calculate your distance from each one. With these three distances, trilateration can pinpoint your exact location. The tracking device is usually powered by an onboard diagnostics (OB-II) port, such as an accessory socket or internal battery, which collects information and transmits it to the software, allowing you to analyse the data.

Another interesting tidbit about GPS trackers is that there are two types: active and passive. Active trackers give users a real-time view of global positioning. This kind of GPS tracking is the best option for individuals or businesses who wish to gain a real-time view of their vehicles.

On the other hand, a passive tracker simply stores the GPS data to be viewed at a later stage. This is ideal for business fleet managers who are mainly interested in monitoring past activities.

The top GPS tracker benefits you probably already know

The use of GPS technology has become a norm to many, you’ve probably the of the benefits, but just to jog your memory, here are a few:

  • Know where your vehicles are at all times: A GPS tracker makes it easy to monitor your vehicles' whereabouts and see if drivers are following the planned routes. It is also your best bet for recovering your vehicle should it be stolen.
  • Spot risky driving behaviour: With event-based tracking, telemetry and input data are transmitted at regular intervals or when an event is detected. An event can be anything from opening your car door to harsh turning, harsh acceleration or speeding. Fleet managers can get alerts of any bad driving habits that can cause accidents, vehicle wear and tear, and heavy repair costs.
  • Reduce fuel expenses: By comparing multiple routes with GPS tracking and historical reports, fleet managers can optimise fuel usage and reduce cost wastage. Fleet managers can conveniently compare multiple routes with historical reports and choose the most fuel-efficient routes. GPS trackers can also help reduce idling and speeding, which has additional fuel-saving benefits.
  • Improved customer service: The GPS tracker improves dispatch and routing, reducing the time it takes for orders to be delivered. This will leave your business with good reviews, as customers are always assured that their orders will arrive on time.

The hidden benefits of GPS tracking systems

Take a look at some of the often overlooked, not-so-known benefits of a GPS tracking system:

  • Emergency assistance for driversFleet telematics combined with GPS tracking An instant access to the location of your fleet vehicles can save lives. Should there be an accident, emergency services will be able to get to your drivers quicker than usual.
  • Accurate costing and billing: With a GPS tracking system, you can get a more detailed look into areas that drain your budget and cut costs, as well as a better estimate of how much will be needed to keep the business flowing daily. There is little or no room for human error, so you won’t end up having any surprise expenses.
  • Simplify tax compliance: Because of the accuracy in the movement of your vehicles, drivers no longer need to manually log their miles, helping you file your taxes without hassle.

What about everyday motorists?

  • Review your past trips and identify your best route: There are also many ways for you to get to work, your partner's place, or your kid’s school. These everyday trips can be costly if you don't know which route uses less fuel. A good GPS tracking system will save you from all the trouble.
  • Lower insurance premiums: Most insurance companies consider vehicle tracking and theft prevention when determining premiums as those without are considered high risk.
  • Easy monitoring of your teen's safety: You will know your child’s whereabouts anytime they’re on the road, and you can monitor their good or bad driving habits. They might see this as you being nosey, but at least you’ll know they’re safe.

Discover the best GPS tracker for you, your family, and your business

Whether for personal use or for your fleet. Cartrack has GPS tracking units that cater to all vehicle needs.  We specialise in telematics that makes life easier for you. 

Cartrack has a stolen vehicle recovery rate of over 90%, over 2 million subscribers, and 20 years of experience. Here’s a bonus: In the unlikely event that your vehicle is not recovered, you can claim an up to R150 000 cash back warranty! Ts&Cs apply.

The features our GPS tracking unlocks for fleets and motorists

  1. Real-time vehicle tracking
    With Cartrack's GPS live tracking system, you can always know the live location of your fleet, whether parked or on the move. You can also access the real-time location of your personal vehicle at all times by downloading our user-friendly mobile app.
  2. Stolen vehicle recovery
    In the unfortunate event that your vehicle or one of your fleet vehicles gets stolen, rest assured that our skilled air and ground teams are always on standby, ready to get it back to you.
  3. Delivery for fleets
    Whichever business you’re in, be it e-commerce or the pharmaceutical industry, our delivery fleet management software is here to give you the fastest and most orderly way to make deliveries with route and job optimisation. With this jam-packed feature:
    • The process is paperless and, therefore, less time-consuming.
    • You can easily manage jobs based on route or change job priority, drivers get access to the app.
    • Drivers stay connected by getting access to the easy-to-use app which helps them complete tasks quicker by lessening confusion.
    • Drivers get instant updates on any cancellations or priorities on the jobs they’ve been assigned.
    • Customers get upfront communication on any changes and accurate ETAs
  4. Route replay
    Get a full view of the trip history of your fleet vehicles, replay the journies, and know the distance and duration of every trip.
  5. Driver behaviour monitoring
    Gain access to our driver scorecards, which provide detailed reports on events triggered, such as speeding, idling, harsh cornering, and harsh braking. These reports will help you identify areas for improvement for your drivers and provide coaching.
  6. Geofencing
    Create virtual boundaries around no-go areas you would like your drivers to avoid or areas you would prefer your vehicles only to operate in, and receive alerts the minute your vehicles enter or exit those areas. This will further enhance the safety and security of your fleet. But wait…what about your personal car? We’ve got you!
    The geofencing feature applies to fleet management and private vehicles, too. You can set the same virtual boundaries around areas of your choice, such as your workplace, your home, or the places you wouldn’t want your teenager to drive to. That way, you can get alerts anytime your vehicle enters or leaves these areas.
  7. Fuel monitoring
    Our GPS tracking system, paired with our fleet management platform, will help you detect fuel card fraud by calculating the distance travelled vs the litres of petrol used. We have a Mifleet platform that can help you manage fleet costs based on the reports given.

Unlock safety and premium savings with Cartrack solutions

When it comes to smart vehicle gadgets, a GPS tracking device is most certainly a game changer and a pocket saver. And it’s no secret that Cartrack is an industry leader. 

Contact us today, and let us simplify your life with our comprehensive tracking solutions.

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