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Insurance Telematics

Reduce premiums and make claims easier
About Insurance Telematics

Insurance telematics provides the means for both the insurer and the insured to better manage driver behaviour, which can reduce loss ratios and deliver rewards for safer driving. It allows insurers to provide a more tailored approach to premiums associated with an individual’s risk profile, enabling Cartrack to get the best possible premium for you.

The data can also be utilised to more accurately reconstruct accident scenes, therefore resulting in easier and faster evaluation of claims and a reduction of the headaches involved in the aftermath of an accident or theft.

Benefits of Insurance Telematics

Intelligent insurance with Cartrack
Merging AI with telematics
How insurance telematics works
Information for education and cost saving

Once we professionally install our in-house developed telematics into your vehicle, you can start receiving reports on driving behaviour. This is achieved using algorithms that assess many key driving habits and behaviours such as speeding, harsh braking, numbers of hours and kilometres driven in a month and specific times of day spent on the road.

With this information, you will be better positioned to change habits that increase your risk of harm, damage and, reduce inefficient fuel usage, all the while reducing the premiums you pay for your vehicle insurance.

Additional safety advantages

In cases of vehicle accidents, we will create an accurate crash reconstruction report using your vehicle’s key metrics prior to the crash, leading to easier, faster and more successful claims. Cartrack telematics data also adds more credibility to your theft insurance claims, ensuring that you always have what you need for a more successful claim.

To keep you safe and your vehicle secure, you can get additional Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) and Crash Alert features, which ensures that you are always protected in accidents or situations of possible vehicle theft.

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Features and Add-Ons

Compatible with all major vehicle brands
Having successfully tried and tested our hardware on every major vehicle brand, you can be assured that we have a solution that is right for you.
Cross-border compatibility
No need to feel restricted in your operations – we are with you no matter the location, providing a service that extends across our offerings to our Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) solutions.
Free installation
As part of our standard service, we will fit your unit completely free of charge and at a convenient time for you.
Advanced fitment techniques
All fitments are performed by highly trained in-house fitment teams, thereby ensuring that you get the highest level of support and service from the start.
24/7 Support
We recognise that accidents and errors that need attention don’t only happen on the clock; that’s why we are always available to help you, no matter what time it occurs.
Lifetime hardware warranty
Don’t pay good money for hardware that is made cheap. We design, develop and manufacture all of our tracking and telematics units in-house, which allows us the security to give you a lifetime hardware warranty on the best quality possible while still offering competitive prices.
Customise your alerts and how you receive them. Get alerts on speeding, possible thefts and more. All alerts can be sent to any device via our app or sms or through email.
Simple software user interface
Fully redesigned and upgraded software makes it simpler to manage your vehicle, at all times.
Start Inhibit
Prevent unwanted driving, with a start inhibit that safely and effectively disables vehicle start up on demand.
Panic Button
In an emergency, the press of a button will instantly send a silent alert to the Cartrack 24/7 control room and an operator will provide assistance.
Upgrade your vehicle security and get total peace of mind, with Cartrack’s industry-leading stolen vehicle recovery services.
Insurance Telematics
Lower your insurance premiums by being a safer driver. With Cartrack, you can get a fully tailored insurance plan so that you aren’t paying for everyone else’s bad habits.
Car Watch
Remotely monitor your vehicle for any unwanted movements, giving you early detection to any possible theft scenarios.
Crash Alert
Save every second when it counts. With Crash Alert Cartrack is automatically notified of any high collision events with your vehicle and will rapidly contact emergency services.

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