After another gruelling year, the festive season is finally upon us and we are all turning our heads towards a much-needed holiday or end-of-year rest. Whether you’re travelling far or holidaying locally, it is likely that you are going to be out and about and driving extensively. Unfortunately, this also means that there are going to be a number of security challenges, especially as criminals tend to take advantage of people’s relaxed attitudes at this time of year. In particular, opportunistic criminals often target vehicles during this period.

To avoid this scenario from occurring, here are some festive season tips to consider:

Never leave your vehicle unattended

While you’re in holiday mode and more relaxed, it is natural to not pay as much attention to safety practices and to leave your vehicle running and unattended as you quickly pop in somewhere. This is something that you should avoid at all costs as all you are doing is making life easier for thieves who are waiting to step into your car and take off with it – never leave your vehicle unattended and running.

Always make sure the car is locked properly

While this may seem like simple advice, you would be surprised at how many times criminals seize upon improperly locked vehicles. It is therefore critical that you make sure that the car is locked and all windows are closed every time you exit the vehicle. Leaving the windows open is a common mistake that motorists make – even the slightest gap makes it that much easier for thieves to apprehend your vehicle.

Hold on to your car keys

In the holiday mode, it is easy to not be too concerned about the location of your keys. Your keys are critically important security, as they don’t only serve as your access to your car, but for criminals as well.  As such, make sure that you always remove your keys from the ignition and keep your spare keys in a safe place at home.

Keep your valuables out of sight

It is always a temptation for criminals if your valuables are in plain sight, as they are a serious temptation for would-be criminals. It is therefore advisable to always lock your valuables in your boot, glove box, or under your seat and to not keep personal or sensitive documents in your vehicle.

Use an alarm system

With vehicle crime increasing during the holidays, it is recommended that you use an anti-security theft device, including an alarm system and a tracking device. Cartrack Tanzania has a number of world-class recovery options that will give you peace of mind that your car is always protected from theft or hijacking. Further, it will also help lower your insurance premiums.

Be sensible when parking your car

Criminals will target vehicles when there are not many people around. You should therefore take a sensible approach regarding the area in which you park your car. If it is possible, you should only park in well-lit areas or areas where there is a lot of pedestrian and vehicle traffic and always use a garage if you have one.

Overall, the most important point to note is to be aware, to stay smart and to stay calm. By simply having your wits about you, thieves can be outsmarted and you will ensure that you and your car don’t become another crime statistic during the holiday season.

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