Why good driver behaviour is important

6 December 2018

Driver behaviour is a key part of operational and reputational management for any business. It is particularly critical in fleet management, as implementing more efficient and accountable driving practices could not only increase the bottom line of companies, but inculcate far better safety for all concerned.

Here are some facts as to why good driver behaviour is so important:

  • Poor driver behaviour is the main factor in road accidents

Most accidents can be attributed to human error. Adverse driver behaviour is the leading cause of these errors; in fact, over 90% of road crashes are caused by undesirable driver behaviour. Typical elements of driver behaviour that could lead to accidents include speeding, harsh turning, harsh braking and alcohol consumption.

  • Poor driver behaviour shortens the life of your vehicles

Poor driving habits don’t only result in accidents; they also considerably reduce the lifespan of your vehicles. Driver behaviour such as idling, harsh turning, harsh braking and illegal actions that drivers take on the road are likely to compromise the quality and longevity of vehicles. Conversely, drivers who adopt good driving practices on the road are less likely to wear vehicles out.

  • Driver behaviour impacts fuel consumption

Many of the bad driving behaviours described above will also result in unnecessary fuel wastage. To maximise the use of fuel, it is essential that drivers maintain a reasonable and law-abiding speed, don’t rush towards red traffic lights, don’t idle and don’t brake or turn harshly.  Correcting driver behaviour can prove to be critical in conserving fuel use.

  • Better driver behaviour will increase productivity and efficiency

Driver behaviour is also a vital factor in determining the profitability of many companies, especially those that employ a fleet of vehicles. Correct driver behaviour will lead to fewer accidents, less breakdowns and will ultimately result in company vehicles reaching their intended destination in a more prompt and efficient manner.

One of the most effective means to curb poor driver behaviour is intelligent telematics in fleet management. Fleet managers can extract data relating to both their drivers and their fleet of vehicles, and based on this data, take appropriate action. This data can often be collected in real-time, which means that there can be swift and timely remedies taken to curb costly driver behaviour.

Cartrack’s fleet management solutions are an invaluable tool in helping to enforce safer driver behaviour. We can offer you a tailored solution that will fit your business model and lead to positive results in no time.

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